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This 6” diameter port is the second longest standing ports in our line of dome ports. Like its larger sibling the 8” dome port, the 6” dome has been around since the film days. Valued for its compact size and economical price, it is well suited for mid-range wide angle lenses and fisheye lenses. Despite its smaller diameter, using it for over/under images is still possible if used with a fisheye lens. Its compact size also means that when used in conjunction with today’s line of close focusing fisheye lenses, you can get up close to your subject.

Made of optical grade acrylic, this material which has a density factor very similar to water means that minor external scratches on the dome surface are unlikely to show up in the final image, and should they ever appears, it is more than likely the surface can be repaired on site with an acrylic refurbishing kit. One of the reasons the acrylic domes are favoured by many professional photographers is that the easy to polish material provides years of loyal services and easy field maintenance even in the remotest of places.

This 6” dome port will accept a wide range of lenses by using various extensions rings. The lens chart associated with your camera housing will inform you of the necessary and recommended accessories for using this dome port.

For the sake of convenience, we've combined the Port, shade and cover into 1 package.

6" Acrylic Dome Package

$524.00 Regular Price
$471.60Sale Price
  • Individual Dome Components available upon request

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