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Stewart L. Sy grew up in Manila and quickly found a love for the ocean with yearly vacations to the family beach house in Matabungkay.    He moved to Canada in 1988 after finishing his degree in Computer Science at DLSU.  Ironically, Stewart learned how to dive in the cold waters of British Columbia, logging well over 100 dives before he finally dove in the Anilao, Batangas.  He was hooked.  Starting in 1997, he picked up a cheap underwater camera in order to take photos of all the cool critters he’d seen...the snowball started to roll downhill!  In 1999, Stu started to bring Canadian Divers and underwater photographers to experience the wonders of the Philippine’s underwater wonders.  He’s taken several hundred divers over the years to different parts of the country and is looking forward to his next adventure...and lechon!

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