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This MINIDOME 100 ultra-compact fisheye dome port has a diminutive diameter of only 4” / 100mm, making it ideal for both travelling and for shooting with fisheye lenses. An important characteristic of a dome port, when immersed, is that it becomes an optical element, the surface curvature transforming it into a plano concave lens element which in turn becomes an integral part of the lens underwater optical formula. This phenomenon means that careful positioning of the dome port on the fisheye lens optical center is critical if one is to attain the maximum optical performance of the lens.

The Aquatica MINIDOME 100 port is scrupulously ground from the finest BK-7 grade mineral glass stock, to give you an exceptionally precise lens element to interface with water.  The dome lens is internally coated with a superior Silicon Oxide coating (SiO2) and a Broad Band Anti Reflective (BBAR) coating. The SiO2 coating is a more resistant type of coating than that used by most other manufacturers, it also has a 0.01% reflective index, providing unparalleled light transmission among its competitors. Another important feature of SiO2 coating is that it’s a perfect match to the index of water, which naturally lowers reflections. Both the SiO2 and BBAR coatings not only assist in preventing internal reflections but also protect the delicate internal surface from scratches

As its name implies, this MINIDOME 100 main characteristic is its small size, making it exceptionally well suited for the close focusing fisheye lens. The reduced frontal footprint not only means that the photographer can move in closer to get the shot, but that it will be much easier for them to position the lighting for the subject at such short distances. For a radically different point of view, The MINIDOME 100 can be used to work with fisheye lenses equipped with tele-converters to shoot close focus wide angle, simply by acquiring the proper gears and port extensions that are made available to expand on your creativity.

In these days of heavy travel restrictions, the MINIDOME 100, with its diminutive size and feather light weight, is a dream to pack and, in most cases, can be even be carried inside a regular camera bag.

The lens chart chart associated with your camera housing will inform you of the necessary and recommended accessories for using the MINIDOME 100 dome port. This dome port has an integrated dome shade and come with a neoprene protective front cover.

Aquatica 4" Glass Minidome

$734.00 Regular Price
$660.60Sale Price
  • Port Shade and Front Port Cover Included

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